Our process for designing your soft, flexible orthotics starts with taking an impression of your feet using a foam box.  This enables us to capture the exact shape of your feet which is then scanned into CAD CAM software on a computer using a 3D scanner.  An accurate impression is important to help offload certain soft tissue structures and to re-align your feet into a stronger, comfortable, biomechanically efficient position.

The 3D image on the computer is then used in combination with measurements taken during your consultation to design your device/s.   The end design is then either machine milled or 3D printed and checked for quality assurance by both the lab and the Podiatrist.

Choosing the right orthotic type and material is also important especially if there are multiple footwear the devices are going into.

At both our Podiatry clinics our orthotic devices are designed to be soft and flexible as well as supportive. They come guaranteed in terms of comfort and we work hard to find the right solution for you.

If you think you may need customised sports orthotics make sure you check with your private health first before booking in because you may have good cover for them.

Please call one of our clinics and ask to speak to one of our friendly Podiatrists for more information, procedure and prices for our orthotics.  Alternatively you can email your closest clinic.

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