Sports Orthotics Gold Coast are made specifically for your sports shoe to ensure adequate support and comfort.  They need to be firm enough so they are supportive and alter your foot mechanics, yet flexible so they help absorb shock and are comfortable.

All of our Gold Coast Sports Orthotics are digitally designed and then milled via a milling machine.  Each are check by the a Podiatrist at the Orthotic manufacturing lab and by the Podiatrist to ensure correct design and quality.

Our Podiatrists at Burleigh & Southport are very experienced in making sports orthotics for a variety of different sports and activities. This experience comes from working within Physiotherapy and sports medicine clinics and seeing a large number of athletes and active people.

If you think you may need customised sports orthotics make sure you check with your private health first before booking in because you may have good cover for them.

Please call one of our clinics and ask to speak to one of our friendly Podiatrists for more information, procedure and prices for our orthotics.  Alternatively you can email your closest clinic.

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