Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition affecting the plantar surface (underside) of the heels where the plantar fascia attaches to the calcaneus (heel bone).  It is one of the leading causes of foot pain gold coast and it is associated with a structural breakdown of the plantar fascia and is characterised by scarring and inflammation.  The most common causes of plantar fasciitis on the Gold Coast would be from overuse activities such as walking, running and playing sport.  Other factors include excessive pronation, leading a sedentary lifestyle, putting on weight, walking around on flat hard surfaces, barefeet walking and wearing the incorrect type of footwear.  Treatment involves treating the causes of the problem in the first place which usually involves a combination of Podiatry and Physiotherapy.  Podiatry will treat issues such excessive pronation, supporting and offloading the area with foot taping, managing footwear and starting off a home treatment plan. Physiotherapy will usually address soft tissue tightness, weakness, core strength and return to activity management.